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10 truths about working from home

10 truths about working from home

Working from home, also known as living the dream, is a complicated arrangement. While the daily commute to the couch is awesome, the drop in productivity can be a real battle. Whether you’ve worked from home for years or only a few weeks, these 10 truths are sure to ring true.

1. The fridge is always calling

Working from home should definitely come with a warning about weight gain because the temptation to snack around the clock is all too real. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are foreign concepts – now food is just an all-day thing.

2. Sweatpants become acceptable work wear

Sayonara pencil skirts and itchy business shirts, now yoga pants and oversized t-shirts are where it’s at.

3. Daytime TV addiction is real

Where oh where have these D-grade movies been all our lives? If you’re a procrastinator, hide the TV remote NOW.

4. Brushing your hair is optional

Unless there’s a client meeting or Skype call, brushing your hair, putting on makeup or keeping clean-shaven is completely optional. A great time-saver which helps when you’ve wasted too many hours on number 3.

5. Going out for coffee is a big deal

Or going out at all.

6. Housework = world’s best distraction

One minute you’re putting on a load of washing, the next minute, you’re cleaning EVERYTHING.

7. Exercise…what’s that?

Burn your Fitbit now because all-of-a-sudden 10,000 steps is equivalent to a marathon. No one needs that negativity in their life.

8. Making new friends becomes your hobby

Let’s be fair, you haven’t seen another human being ALL DAY. So now you’re babbling endlessly to anyone who will listen, like the UberEats delivery guy.

9. Weekdays and weekends blur together

There’s no clear line between your work life and home life. This means you have absolutely no clue what day it is.

10. Afternoon naps are a given

Working from the couch or worse, the bed, makes napping a very real possibility. There comes a time when you just need to accept it.

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