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ATO extends deadline for future JobKeeper enrolments

ATO extends deadline for future JobKeeper enrolments

The ATO has now extended the deadline to enrol and identify eligible employees for JobKeeper payments to the end of each month being claimed.

An update to the ATO’s JobKeeper key dates has revealed that employers who are enrolling for JobKeeper payments for the first time after May can now enrol their business and identify their eligible employees and business participant by the end of the month they are claiming for.

As an example, businesses who are enrolling for JobKeeper for the first time in June will now be able to complete Step 1 and 2 by the end of June, instead of the first JobKeeper fortnight that they were claiming for.

Employers, however, will still need to pay their employees the stipulated $1,500 for each fortnight being claimed.

Institute of Certified Bookkeepers executive chair Matthew Addison said the update was a logical extension.

“The ATO has announced the commissioner’s discretion to provide red tape relief and logical administration to employers who enrol in JobKeeper in the future months,” Mr Addison said. 

“The employer now has until the end of the month to enrol with the ATO into JobKeeper. This is a change from enrolling within the relevant JobKeeper fortnight.”

The monthly business declaration — Step 3 — will need to be completed within 14 days of the end of the previous month to receive reimbursements for the JobKeeper payments made in that previous month.

For example, the business monthly declaration for reimbursement of JobKeeper payments for the month of May will now need to be completed by 14 June.

There are nine JobKeeper fortnights left until the end of the program, with the current fortnight ending on Sunday, 7 June.

Source: AccountantsDaily

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