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Fixed mortgage rates are at record lows, so is it time to consider fixing your home loan? We asked the experts

Fixed home loan rates have never been cheaper in this country, but could they go even lower or is this as cheap as a mortgage will ever get? Certainly, an increasing proportion of home buyers and mortgage refinancers are betting that the current deals are as good as they’re likely to see. “Historically about 85…
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SEEK recorded the most new job listings in its 23-year history over March, as Australia’s labour market surges back into action

Employment portal SEEK says it recorded the highest number of new job listings in its 23-year history over March. Job listings are up a remarkable 75.1% over the same period in 2020, speaking to the labour market’s recovery from COVID-19 restrictions. But many of the new listings “are for roles that were displaced in the…
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April 2021 Newsletter

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Our Forever Home

My wife Debbie and I decided we needed to buy our forever home before it became an unlikely proposition. As we have been long time tax return customers of Jodie at Accountplan, she recommended that we see Mick for a consultation around home loans. The service that we received was first rate, he explained the…
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Are the days of credit card debt numbered?

The way we pay for goods and services has changed, with more consumers shunning credit cards in favour of alternatives, online and off. Are the days of record-high credit card debt numbered? There was a time, not so long ago, when Australians were hungry for credit cards. It wasn’t just their instant purchasing power, but…
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9 ways to escape your comfort zone and see professional growth

Many of us dream big, but often live smaller, less satisfying lives than we’re capable of achieving. That is because our neurobiology primes us for caution, explains executive coach Margie Warrell.  “We’re wired for safety – to avoid risking failure or loss,” she says. This includes emotional failure such as rejection, wounded pride and bruised…
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Safe Access to the Accountplan Team

There are a number of reasons that you may be wanting to reach out to the team at Accountplan: Completing your 2019 or 2020 Tax Returns in order to receive the $1080 low-middle income tax offset and your refund Lodging your BAS in order to access Business Cash Boost payments ranging from $20K to $100K Seeking guidance or help…
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Say hello to Kellie Phillips

Accountplan is pleased to announce our affiliation with local insurance broker Kellie Phillips of the Australian Elite Insurance Solutions (AEIS).

Google Year in Search 2017

Search On

Google’s 2017 year in search video was the inspiration behind this months newsletter, with ‘search on’ becoming the message we want to deliver. Continually striving to learn and better ourselves, both in our professional and personal lives, is a lifelong lesson and journey. Keep asking questions and never stop learning because where would we be…
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Fixed vs variable rates, which is better?

Our first episode of FINANCE FRIDAY is here and Mick Doyle, Accountplan‘s Finance Manager, talks you through the differences between fixed and variable rates, looking to answer the question – fixed vs variable rates, which is better? Accountplan is coming to Farm Fantastic this coming 2nd-4th March, at Caboolture showground. If you have any questions about your home…
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What’s in a Company Name?

An ASIC registration is no guarantee  Every business owner understands how critical their trading name is in distinguishing their business, products, services and brand from competitors. What many seem to have lost sight of, however, is how vulnerable that name can be, even if it’s registered with ASIC. 

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you

From all of us here in the Accountplan team, we’d like to thank you for your support this year. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and look forward to working with you in 2018. CHRISTMAS CLOSURE DATES Accountplan will be closed from Friday 22nd December, returning for the…
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Borrowing to invest within your SMSF

Borrowing to invest within your SMSF

Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) open up a whole new world of investment opportunities for your retirement savings, including direct property. But what if you simply don’t have enough money in super to buy an asset outright?

What you need to know about refinancing

A home loan is generally a long-term proposition, but in some situations it can make sense to refinance your mortgage. Read this guide to the refinancing process, and speak to your broker, before deciding whether it’s right for you. Refinancing involves taking out a new mortgage and using those funds to pay off your existing…
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Refinancing could save you thousands

And give you great flexibility. It’s often said that Australians are more likely to divorce their spouse than switch banks. But with plenty of competition in the home loan sector, refinancing can be a good move.

Home Loan Tips

Smart tips for paying off your home loan sooner

Wondering how to pay off your home loan sooner? We look at some smart tips for paying off your home loan sooner. Australian home loan interest rates remain at historic lows, and the opportunities for paying off a mortgage early are better than ever. Used in conjunction with low rates, here are some extra steps…
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Do I need a family trust?

Do I need a family trust?

There are many reasons to consider setting up a family trust but it is important to understand what they are and what benefits they can provide before making the move.

ATO’s 2017 Audit Hot Spots

For Individuals The ATO is increasing their audit focus on the following areas:

Get organised for tax time

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