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How To Help Protect Your Business

How To Help Protect Your Business

Good cyber security is closer and easier than you think. Here are 4 easy steps you can take right now that can help make your business security stronger.

1. Get your passwords in shape
How? You can use a Password Manager to set and save passwords. Also consider switching from passwords to passphrases, which are easier to remember.

Why? Weak and reused passwords are more likely to get hacked. A Password Manager can help you set different passwords for different accounts and remember them for you.
2. Turn on multi-factor authentication
How? Turn on multi-factor authentication (or MFA) wherever you can to help protect your accounts, especially those that contain confidential or sensitive information.

Why? MFA helps validate that you’re the one accessing your account, and nobody else. It’s like a deadbolt for your online accounts.
3. Back up critical data
How? You can use the 3-2-1 backup strategy, where you create 2 backup copies of your data and store them in various ways. Also make sure you regularly update your backups.

Why? It helps protect you against multiple disasters, from hackers and fraudsters to outages and fires. Even if one backup is destroyed, your data is saved in the other two.
4. Always run software updates
How? For lots of devices, you can simply switch on automatic updates. To make sure all your IT platforms are up to date (like network storage, CCTV etc.), check the manufacturer’s website.

Why? Updates often contain fixes to security flaws to help keep your platforms as airtight as possible.

Source: Telstra

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