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Our Extended Hours During Tax Season

Our Extended Hours During Tax Season

From Saturday 10th July 2021 through till Saturday 28th of August 2021 we will be offering extended hours during Tax Season as follows:

                Mondays             830am to 5pm
                Tuesdays             830am to 7pm
                Wednesdays      830am to 7pm
                Thursdays           830am to 5pm
                Fridays                  830am to 5pm
                Saturdays            9am to 1pm

We will extend the additional hours should there be a demand for same.

Outside of physical appointments, provision of documents and your information to our team for completion of work can be done in a variety of ways:

  • emailed directly us using reception@accountplan.com.au
  • tax clients can use our secure online Client Portal – talk to your accountant to register for same
  • mailed to us at PO Box 516 Margate QLD 4019
  • dropped into our secure drop box located at the front of our building (it can even cater for large A3 envelopes)
  • or dropped into our reception

(PLEASE NOTE that strict physical distancing is applied in all instances)

We continue to do our best to maintain a business as usual approach but of course should you have any queries on any of the above drop us a line at reception@accountplan.com.au or call us on 07 3883 8999


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  1. Kathleen Kena says:

    Hi there I was wanting to know if I can book into see Jodi Fletcher to do my tax return for last financial year.
    If she is available tomorrow afternoon around 330-4pm I would like to book. I have seen Jodi in previous years.

    Thank you

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