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Tag: Cloud Computing

How OneDrive Safeguards Your Data In The Cloud

You control your data. When you put your data in OneDrive cloud storage, you remain the owner of the data. For more info about the ownership of your data, see Office 365 Privacy by Design. How you can safeguard your data Here are some things you can do to help protect your files in OneDrive: Create a…
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Cloud Accounting 101: What is it and who can benefit by using it?

Cloud accounting may sound like more tech-industry jargon, but the concept behind it has caused huge and overwhelmingly positive impacts for business owners over the past decade. Also known as ‘online accounting’, cloud accounting generally makes managing your finances and tax affairs easier, faster and safer for business owners. What is ‘the cloud’? When someone…
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Understanding Cloud Computing

Cloud computing got you perplexed? You’re not alone. Most of us talk about ‘the cloud’ without even realising what it really means. We’re clearing the air on cloud computing and how it can benefit your small business. So what is the cloud? The cloud is where you put all your data, all your files and…
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Is My Data Safe In The Cloud?

The accounting industry’s interest in cloud services — from online bookkeeping to full-featured accounting software — shows no signs of slowing down. Intuit’s e-book “The Appification of Small Business,” forecasts 78 percent of small businesses will be fully cloud operational by 2020. The cloud is a collection of securely networked physical servers where customers upload and…
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