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Tag: Housing Market

Are all Lenders the Same & How a Broker can help You Find the Right One

Are all Lenders the same ?? The answer to this question is a resounding NO. Not only within the traditional banking sector, but even between the big four themselves, there are differences of approach. These differences can be subtle but some are not so subtle. One obvious example may be a particular bank’s expertise with…
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What Does High Inflation Mean for the Australian Housing Market?

While inflation has implications for housing demand, housing itself influences inflation. By understanding how inflation and housing fit together, the market outlook for the year ahead becomes a little clearer. ABS figures showed the highest annual rate of inflation in June 2022 in almost 32 years. As we head into the new financial year, annual inflation is…
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East Coast Floods and the Housing Market

Property market performance across Australia’s east coast, particularly South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales over the past year, could be summarised as having leading price growth, increased auction activity, and favourable internal migration trends. However, the end of February was a sobering reminder of the impact of extreme weather events and climate change.  Numerous…
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RBA’s inflation target has been too high, for too long

There has been much coverage recently of two important issues facing the nation: a review of the Reserve Bank and the housing market.  With regard to the former, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and International Monetary Fund this month separately backed a review of the RBA, highlighting its failure to achieve its inflation…
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