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Tag: Property Market

NAB Backs Assessment that Property Market is Near Peak

NAB has come out in support of CoreLogic’s assessment that the property market is at or near its peak. CoreLogic’s most recent Home Value Index, released this morning, suggested that the slower growth in November of 1.3% suggests that the market is close to an apex. November was the slowest month since January, and CoreLogic analyst Tim…
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Growing Cohort Squeezed Out of Property Market – Says Economist

Up to 15 per cent of current households would have been able to enter the property market in the 1990s but are now forced out, an economist has said. Independent economist and University of Tasmania vice-chancellor’s fellow Saul Eslake appeared before the House of Representatives tax and revenue committee for its ongoing inquiry into housing affordability last…
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Inflationary Pressure Pushes Up Interest Rates

Interest rates are rising, but it’s the banks rather than the RBA that have moved first. Tom Uhlich of Boss Money looks at what’s driving the change – and at the implications for the property market. We haven’t seen it in years. The RBA  has not raised interest rates for more than 130 months. But we all knew it…
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