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At Accountplan we've been strategically advising clients on how best to achieve their goals for over 35 years and provide a range of financial services to our customers including accounting, tax & BAS, business advisory and mentoring, financial planning and wealth creation, superannuation and investment strategies, risk management and finance advice and broking.

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Latest Articles

23 Feb. 2017

Pension Changes

More than 300,000 part-pensioners will either suffer a cut in their payments or lose access under new asset test rules coming into effect on 1January 2017.

Under the deal struck between the Coalition and the Greens, more than 90 per cent of pensioners [...]

23 Feb. 2017

Capital Works vs Repair

You can claim a deduction for repairs and maintenance to your property as long as they are not capital expenses. Many landlords forget about the new tap or roof repair as their primary focus is on the rental returns and capital gains. (more…)