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Budget Edition

Budget Edition

Every year news outlets flood us with information about changes in the budget, all manor of issues are covered and their consequences for individuals and businesses are highlighted to all. As can be the case with news media, some of the information is sensationalised and some of it complex so the truth, the actual impact on you, can be difficult to decipher.

SO the big questions are, do the changes in the 2017 budget affect you? And if they do, what does it really mean for you. More importantly, what action can you take now to ensure you are only affected to the extent you have to be?

If there is a budget measure that has confused you, or something you think you may have to deal with us, please contact the office to discuss with your accountant or our financial planning team.

In the meantime, if you have missed the commentary or want a summary of the key points the government is considering changing then please check out the link below.

Portfolio Watch – Budget Edition

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